Become a better speaker and presenter

Twente Toastmasters Meetup

Molukkenstraat 90, Enschede


How do you get better at presenting and public speaking?

Three tips:

1) practise, 2) practise, and 3) practise....

This is exactly what our speaking enthousiast do. We Toastmasters want to get better at speaking and presenting, and this evening we combine theory with practise.

Our three prepared speakers will focus on improving a specific public speaking skill, such as vocal variety, body language, or inspiring an audience. In theory they may know, but does it work out as planned in real life, when nerves play a role or you mix up the order or wording you planned?

Evaluators will point out what they did well so they know what to keep for future presentations, and they will provide suggestions on how our speakers can grow.

And last but not least, there is room for impromptu speaking. "Volunteers" will improvise a one to two minute speech on a topic presented to them.

If you'd like to see how this works to improve speaking skills, feel free to come (please your valid QR code). Maybe you'll even grab some of that stage time yourself.... but only if YOU want!

For this activity, a reservation is appreciated. Checkout the organiser to find out more.


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