Beyond Zero + Q&A on how to become a climate pioneer​.

The award winning docu-film Beyond Zero tells the story of climate pioneer Interface: a very polluting production enterprise is transformed to a climate positive company. This international production enterprise started 25 years ago with a striking climate mission and succeeded in a transformation from a polluting to a climate positive company. This story inspires professionals to tackle complex climate issues.

100 Months to Change (100MTC) is a worldwide platform of climate professionals that want to accelerate to reach the climate goals of 2030. 100MTC uses the story of Interface and the lessons of other climate pioneers to help transform organizations and professionals. Together with partners 100MTC are going to inspire and empower 1 million professionals in the Netherlands in their climate work. We collect data about the ideas that these professionals want to realize, what is necessary to reach these goals and to accelerate in these ambitions. That is how we can reach the climate goals: In October there are 87 months left to learn and transform together and to accelerate.


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