In 2023 we are trying new things at Sickhouse :) After hearing about D&D and TTRPG games for many years, we realised that more and more artists are using the game as a tool for story telling within their work, others as expending the possibilities of character building from 3D printing to full on cosplay and drag performances. You can play the game online or on the table making the community and local groups and international players, streamers etc... We are very curious!

So the best way to look at this is to play together. Sickhouse will open its door on the 27 of January for a pilote edition of D&D and TTRPG sessions. After this event we will figure out with the participants what is the best way to support their session and on what rhythm.


everyone is welcome, confirmed players and beginners, groups or solo. The important thing is to register with the DM of your choice. Each table will welcome a maximum of 5 players. You need to bring your own pawn (that can be anything :) and your dice if you have some (we'll have extra sets available).

If you are a DM and you want to host a game don't hesitate to contact us : [email protected]


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