This year, Sickhouse is collaborating with the Architecture Center Twente to engage in a discussion about the future of Enschede.

With Future Talks, the Architecture Center Twente wants to explore these issues by inviting professionals dealing with urban development for an introduction and then looking at the various issues together with involved residents, organizations and stakeholders.

For Future talk #1 they invited Jessica Hammerlund Bergman, ‘City architect’ for the Municipality of Enschede, to provide an introduction. She will talk about her experiences with the city and the developments to come. Aike Lütkemöller and Marie Janin (co-directors Sickhouse) will react to Jessica’s presentation, sharing how they see the city. Reflecting on the impact of technology on the urban realm and what they think is important from the cultural sector to thrive.

>> Later we will host a workshop to explore the future of Enschede together, where your input is needed. We will use visualising tools such as strings, lego and play-doh to think the future of our city in groups.


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