Karaoke Night @Tankstation

TANKSTATION cultureel vulpunt

Deurningerstraat 28, Enschede
alle leeftijden


Join us for a fun night of karaoke singing!

Aïcha and her KarnieKaraokeTheatre are known for the performance and art funfair Karnieland, which is based in Enschede. They've been to many places before including Tankstation! Now it is time for them to return! And while Aïcha loves having theatre and music performances, karaoke remains a big part of the theatre! This time there is no theatre performance, but the karaoke show will be fantastic nonetheless!

So come and sing your heart out with your favourite song! Make it extra dramatic, 'cause remember: karaoke is not about singing well, it's all about all the fun, the drama and the happy hoarse voices at the end!


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