Open Drienerloos Kampioenschap 2023

Danscentrum Dekker

Wooldriksweg 150, Enschede
alle leeftijden


Get ready to dance your heart out at the Open Drienerloos Kampioenschap on May 13th! This competition will take place at Danscentrum Dekker, and you won't want to miss it. Whether you're a ballroom pro, a Latin lover, or a salsa superstar, this event is perfect for you. Plus, you can register per dance, so you can show off your moves with different partners and really shake things up!

If you are not done dancing after the competition, you can continue during the social dance evening which follows it!


The ODK is a ballroom, latin and salsa competition for which you can sign-up for each dance separately. This means you can dance whatever dance you want with whoever you like. If you cannot find a partner for a dance you would like to participate in, you can also use our blind date service. There will be a beginners class and an open class with a placement round. This ensures that everyone will be competing against dancers of their own level!


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