Open Lesson - Swing Dance (Lindy Hop and/or Charleston)

Whether you're already enamoured with Lindy Hop and can't wait to start or you're simply curious what Lindy Hop is all about, join us at our Open Lesson(s) to try it out!

The Open Lessons are a great place to get a taste of Lindy Hop and maybe even some Charleston. No previous dancing experience is necessary, we are starting from the absolute basics.

You also don't have to bring a partner (although you can), since we are doing social dances, which means we learn to dance with multiple partners.

Lastly, joining an Open Lesson requires no pre-registration and is also free!

You can join one or multiple Open Lessons, since there will be different content for each. Another opportunity this brings is that you can get a feel for both leading and following, so you can decide which role to learn if you decide to join our Lvl1 lessons.

There is also a brief social dance after the open lesson.

Besides lessons we also organize regular fun dancing events and parties. Our association is a great place to meet new people and make friends! So come and check it out!


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