Regenboogfilm: El Houb + Inleiding en nabespreking door Shariff Nasr

Concordia vertoont in het kader van de Regenboogdagen de film El Houb. Een Nederlandse film met Engelse ondertiteling.

El houb (love) is Shariff Nasr’s touching but also witty directorial debut and is the first feature-film to discuss coming-out in the Dutch-Moroccan community. When the Moroccan- Dutch Karim is caught by his father with another man, he sees no other choice than to visit his childhood house and come out to his parents. But how do you discuss the elephant in the room, within a family that by definition avoids sensitive topics? The difficult days that follow bring back beautiful and poignant memories. Karim realizes that he must confront his family to finally break the deafening silence. But can he expect acceptance from his family if he has never come to terms with his own feelings?

Aftertalk: During the aftertalk Simone Dekker talks with Aydan Selvi (she/her) and Burcak Sikar (he/him). Burcak Sikar scored a hit in Turkey in 2018 with the song Divas On The Dancefloor,in which he opened up about his homosexuality. Aydan is a young creative who is proudly committed to LGBT+ emancipation in various places. Together they will discuss the film but also tell about their own experience with their coming out.


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