Regenboogmiddag in Rijksmuseum Twenthe

Rijksmuseum Twenthe

Lasondersingel 129, Enschede


The ‘Regenboogdagen’ (Rainbowdays) in Enschede are from 4 -11 of October. Enschede is one of the 56 Rainbow Cities. With organizing this week Enschede wants to draw attention to the goals of a Rainbow City; a safe, open and inclusive city! In support of this, Rijksmuseum Twenthe organizes an afternoon at the museum! With music, talks and performances. Explore with us more about art & queerness. You are welcome!


14.00 Start of the program. Free entrance!


14.05- 14.45 Lecture Blind Spots – by Anne van Lierop from The Pink Cube;

14.45- 15.30 Pink Poetry (in Dutch) – Regine Hilhorst (poet, writer and performer) with Bert van der Veen (musician)

15.30-16.15 Live Queerdoh Podast– Niels Rodenburg en Jolanda Mensink from Queerdoh Festival


Rainbow Hub; dj en drinks (museum café)

Project Connect.. with Artist Willemien Nijman

Queerdo Table … Clay your Identity!


Naar de organisator