Special SPACEBAR x PLANETART collaboration on the 17th of March at SPACEBAR and FAKEBAR, presenting you an all nighter with breakcore, hardcore and drum 'n bass. Channel your inner rebel and join us for this unforgettable club night across multiple areas! Be there or be forgotten 👾

What: RIOT

When: March 17, 22:00 - LAAAATE

Genre: industrial, hardcore, tekno, drum 'n bass

Damage: €10

Tickets: link in bio or


Somniac One | @somniac_one

Thrasher | @thrasher_prspct

G.IO | @_giomusic

Brute 666 | @dj_brute666

DJ Skull Vomit

Plavix | @djplavix

*riot in your head only, friendly people 😁


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