Where are they coming from? From you! Us! This community stuffed with talents and hustlers! This edition is not only packed with 1 or 2 debuts, but all three invitees having their debut not only at spacebar but also as artists! So expect a lineup that could not possibly be more surprising. Although one thing is set in stone: they will give us all of their love and energy, and it will be repaid by us all on the dance floor! See you on the 16th (this Thursday) to give them the supporting pumping welcome they were giving all invitees before them! Welcome behind the decks HΦMSI, Its Mikkii and Thai Kid <3 !

About the concept: As one of our resident DJs and dancefloor natives, Ari aka Anvari invites local talents to join him every 3rd Thursday to share the night and crowd! Expect a night of diverse sets: known favorites as well as new faces and minds behind the decks!

Lineup: @anvaridances | @its.homsi | @itss_Mikki | @brian.molenaar

Artwork: @bashelmig


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