The Handmaiden (ENG SUBS) - Park Chan-wook

Sensual psychological thriller by Korean master director Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, Decision to Leave). The film is selected (and will be introduced) by Nimisha Verma.

Korea, the 1930s, during the Japanese colonization. A young woman named Sookee has been hired as a maid by the wealthy Japanese heiress Hideko. She lives on a large estate, cut off from the outside world and in the power of a tyrannical uncle. But Sookee has a secret. With the help of a con artist posing as a Japanese count, Hideko has other plans…

The film is selected by Nimisha Verma, who connected to Think with Pride UT and she will introduce the film herself. In her words: "I chose this movie because it's one of those films which can make you feel good and bad at the same time. It is not your regular movie but it's also not the movie where you need to think too much. You would love the characters and hate them. And biggest of all, it's not queer focused but at the same time, can make you feel all queer instantly"


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