UNBOUND LIVE: Alice Dee (de) + FAVST + Beats Affect

TANKSTATION cultureel vulpunt

Deurningerstraat 28, Enschede
alle leeftijden


---Band description below---

In march and april we'll start with doing live music every saturday! There will be local bands, national bands and international touring bands every week!

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Open: 19:00

Live music: 20:00

Entrance: 5 EUR


Powerful, raw and poetic. Alice Dee fires rap salvos at 140 BPM, a hail of words in changing flows raining down on a the crowd over attractive hiphop and grime beats. Her lyrics are about the reality of daily life, but also about looking forward to a new world.


At the last Booster festival FAVST was one of the highlights. Which is remarkable, since it was one of her first gigs ever. FAVST is the cynical yet humorous alter ego of musician and filmmaker Marie-Anne Faustinelli. Her beats are ominous and danceable, her lyrics are socially critical and literal.


Local crew Beats Affect, existing from Odaira, Daparohu & Luw, finishes the night with a set of banging lofi hiphop, breakbeat and Drum & Bass.


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