UNBOUND LIVE: Blind Butcher (SUI) @ Tankstation

TANKSTATION cultureel vulpunt

Deurningerstraat 28, Enschede
alle leeftijden


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In march and april we'll start with doing live music every saturday! There will be local bands, national bands and international touring bands every week!

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Open: 19:00

Live music: 20:00

Entrance: 7 EUR


Very special guests this time at Unbound Live. All the way from Switzerland comes Blind Butcher, a crazy duo existing of two guys with guitars, drums and computers making a very danceable and fun mix of everything. Their 2017 album on the infamous Voodoo Rhythm Records helped launch them to stages all over Europe with cult-hits such as "Alawalawa", "Staubsaugerbaby" and a cover of the legendary Grauzone hit "Eisbär".

In 2023 a new album will be out with fresh new tracks for the dancefloor and we can't wait for their energetic show to change Tankstation in a partyfest.


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