Yoga & Brunch @Tankstation

TANKSTATION cultureel vulpunt

Deurningerstraat 28, Enschede
alle leeftijden


Join us Sunday for 26 February for Yoga & Brunch at Tankstation with our lovely teacher Monic.

Let's start our day with a relaxing journey, get in touch and discover our bodies. Just follow your breath! Let your flow be guided by your body's movement, take some moments for yourself to reconnect and find your ground.

Afterwards, you can enjoy a delicious brunch and have a nice drink in Tankstation together with other happy people!


Date: 27 November

Yoga: 11:00 - 12:00 8€

Brunch: 12:00 -13:00 9€

Yoga & Brunch together: 15€ (coffee or tea included)

If you would like to eat with us, let us know by reserving a plate on the website.

This helps us calculate how much food to prepare 🙂


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